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Snow babies

Gardener’s spring nightmare: it snows. That’s what happened. After days of rain, snow flurries and then snow covering all those baby seedlings. Turns out the bed of snow actually saved the seedlings and seeds by insulating them from the 20 … Continue reading

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Plant after final frost

Seed packets always say to plant after the danger of the final frost. But when is that exactly? Despite the snow flurries and cold, frosty mornings, the ground is sufficiently warm, and the seeds adequately prepared to germinate and sprout. … Continue reading

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First sightings

Last week I planted earlier than I usually do. And, of course, it rained and then snowed a few days later. Today as I made garden rounds, I spotted the first tiny sprouts having germinated from last week’s seed plantings. … Continue reading

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What’s up, Doc?

Last year, spring was five to six weeks slow. Spring 2016 seems to be coming more quickly than last. As you may recall from earlier posts, I plant by soil temperature, not length of day. This spring the soil is already … Continue reading

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Soil blocking

Seeds planted in soil blocks! (Prior to a light covering so you can actually see the seeds nestled in the dimples of the soil blocks.) Some seeds will be seedlings ready for planting in 3-4 weeks such as kale, chard … Continue reading

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Self-restraint and something better

My yearning to be outside and get dirty makes me impulsive: I can’t possibly plant peas this weekend as I’d hoped. It’s just too muddy, and the poor seeds would rot in the ground before they had a chance to … Continue reading

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