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Plant after final frost

Seed packets always say to plant after the danger of the final frost. But when is that exactly? Despite the snow flurries and cold, frosty mornings, the ground is sufficiently warm, and the seeds adequately prepared to germinate and sprout. … Continue reading

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Zone planning and planting

New zoning in Chicago is causing controversy in communities. Here I set out my own garden zoning framework. When I design new gardens in the spring, I divide garden plots into zones. These zones are based on: the frequency of … Continue reading

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Lettuce trays

I just couldn’t wait for spring. So I started spring lettuces and microgreens under grow-lights just for the fun of it. The results are surprisingly cute and colorful, especially on this arctic cold day. The lettuce trays are for cutting … Continue reading

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Pre-sprouted peas

Pre-sprouting peas has proved profitable.  Last weekend I planted the little sprouted peas and less than one week later I have surprisingly large plants. I’ve discovered some tricks to pre-sprouting peas which I’ll share here and I definitely recommend it … Continue reading

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Judging when to plant

Spring planting is always a gamble. Of course, we want to plant as early as possible so as to enjoy young lettuces, cabbage, spinach and peas as soon as possible. But the risk involves planting too early so that frost … Continue reading

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Self-restraint and something better

My yearning to be outside and get dirty makes me impulsive: I can’t possibly plant peas this weekend as I’d hoped. It’s just too muddy, and the poor seeds would rot in the ground before they had a chance to … Continue reading

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Garlic planting season

October is the month for planting garlic which will be harvested next July. You can plant into November — and several gardeners I know do plant late — but late planting reduces the number of days the garlic has to … Continue reading

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