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True grit

On Sunday, 18 September 2011, the New York Times magazine ran a long article What If The Secret of Success is Failure about a set of characteristics, qualities, that are predictors of children’s success in life.  An educational researcher identified … Continue reading

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Fried green tomatoes, Turkish style

Another excellent way to prepare and serve green tomatoes. This recipe comes from Moro East, the third cookbook of UK chefs Sam[antha] and Sam Clark and  a collection of Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot recipes they gleaned from gardening on an allotment* … Continue reading

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More green tomatoes

Had a truly outstanding green tomato soup at the home of photographer Patricia Evans. (See the header photo top of page for an example of Patsy’s work.) It’s another New York Times recipe and it’s simply delicate, tangy and delicious. Enjoy! … Continue reading

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Mark Twain said that the only way to eat sweet corn is to take your caldron and boiling water right out into the field, and cook it and eat it right where you grow it. Corn has the highest ratio … Continue reading

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Green tomatoes

I’m betting all the green tomatoes on the vine turn luscious red, yellow or orange before it’s too cold. Nevertheless, a lot of you are lamenting the abundance of green tomatoes awaiting more warm, sunny days. So I’m sharing some … Continue reading

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Early harvest: tomatoes and basil

When the average temperature in Chicago this date is 74 degrees, we know it’s an early fall today. Last night dipped into the 40s and today the high will be in the low 50s, warming up to high 50s and … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, part two

Two easy recipes for tomatoes: fast, basic tomato sauce slowly roasted tomatoes fast, fresh tomato sauce A friend asked about a fast, fresh tomato sauce recipe. The best is adapted, once again, from Mark Bittman in his The Best Recipes … Continue reading

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Early fall?

The weather has changed. Labor Day weekend was the coldest in Chicago history. So I’m pruning tomatoes to encourage the plants to put energy into ripening the many green tomatoes rather than putting out new growth. I also planted fall … Continue reading

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Green beans, part two

There are two good reasons to pick green beans often. First, when you pick the green beans, the plant produces more, extending the growing season into the fall; it’s best to pick every day or two. Second, freshly picked green … Continue reading

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Garden gorgeous

The garden is looking its most beautiful. It’s been a strange growing season and everything is 4-6 weeks behind its usually schedule. (The tomatoes are only now coming to ripeness.) The photo above shows the eastern half of the garden: … Continue reading

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