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More summer fruits: sour cherries

A friend invited me to harvest from her sour cherry tree. It was beautiful and laden with cherries. I’ve enough now pitted for a half dozen pies. Yum.

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Lettuce-free salads

Now that the spinach, lettuces and microgreens have bolted (flowered) and lost their taste, it’s still easy to make a great salad. I love salads made with herb and young vegetable leaves. Plus there are hot weather greens that make … Continue reading

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First blackberries . . .

Ate the first ripe raspberries today. They were the golden variety and so sweet. Below are red raspberries ready soon for summer feasting.

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Insects in the garden

I was asked a good question the other day about insects. Do I spray? Actually, no, I don’t spray because I have an organic garden and I don’t want to kill beneficial insects when spraying the destructive ones. That said, … Continue reading

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More incredible scapes

As I’ve written before, garlic scapes are such a delicacy. A fine and abundant crop this year. And the promise of good hardneck garlic to harvest and cure next month.

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Summer fruits, part two

The strawberries are red and delicious, ready for daily picking and immediate eating. The raspberries and blackberries will soon be luscious and ready for eating. Too good sun warmed to even make it into the house.

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First peas

The first peas are ready for harvesting.

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Garlic scapes: good eating

Hardneck garlic (as opposed to softneck) makes a curlique flower stalk that is delicious eating. These curlique stalks are called scapes. Right now the scapes are perfect for eating. You can tell because they curl in on themselves. As the … Continue reading

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Summer fruits

This past week, I was in SoCal visiting family. Here is one of my family’s pet Mohave Desert tortoises (They have two rescue Mohave tortoises and a rescue Mediterranean tortoise.) eating apricots from my sister’s tree. More on fruit and … Continue reading

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I concocted a new summer drink with rhubarb. With three huge rhubarb plants, I have more stems than I know what to do with. I again pulled out enough stems to thin out the rhubarb, trimmed and washed the stems, … Continue reading

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