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Fall’s rainbow chard

The swiss chard still flourishes along with the kale, the cabbages, the arugula. The nights are cold but no killing frost yet. The cold nights only enrich the flavors. And swiss chard — as I’ve written before — is another … Continue reading

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Winter squash and pumpkin

Winter squash are versatile fruit vegetables that keep for months after harvest. Native Americans have grown and cooked these gourds, of which pumpkin is only one variety, for eating for many thousands of years. Winter squash prove to be superfoods … Continue reading

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Fall mulching

With the recent frosty nights, gardens are coming down for the season. And it’s time to mulch the beds for winter. Mulching offers multiple benefits to a garden over the course of winter. First, it helps regulate temperature extremes that … Continue reading

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Wild arugula is best appreciated by people who also like stinky cheeses and smooth malt whiskey. Wild arugula makes hoop house varieties and the spicy salad greens found at farmers markets tame. It has an intensity and zest that truly … Continue reading

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Last of the green tomatoes

This must be the longest tomato season ever. The vines, which are unusually thick and sinewy, keep producing large tomatoes a good 6-8 weeks later than normal. The tomatoes are all green, however, and will not turn red in this … Continue reading

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Delicious, aromatic and beautiful crop of  fennel this year.  Fennel hails from the Mediterranean area. Story has it that an American diplomat, stationed in Italy in 1824, sent fennel seeds to Thomas Jefferson and raved about its taste. Nevertheless, it’s … Continue reading

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