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Winter squash and pumpkin

Winter squash are versatile fruit vegetables that keep for months after harvest. Native Americans have grown and cooked these gourds, of which pumpkin is only one variety, for eating for many thousands of years. Winter squash prove to be superfoods … Continue reading

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Squash blossoms

You can pick and eat the blossoms from zucchini, summer squash, pumpkin and winter squash vines. The Italians first discovered how tasty a delicacy these blossoms are. Pick blossoms that are firm, fresh and slightly opened. Blossoms are either male … Continue reading

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Winter harvest

I’m still eating foods I grew over the summer: garlic, kobacha (Japanese winter squash) and pesto (basil). And it all tastes great and makes me keen to start the new growing season. Here’s a winter recipe for what’s left of … Continue reading

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