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Birds in the garden

Perhaps because the garden is very luscious this year, there are a lot of birds. Sparrows raise their chicks and peck for insects. A cardinal pair nests nearby. There is always the robin couple who raise their broods on the … Continue reading

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“Want some keenies?”

Here is my charming and erudite friend Julia with many large zucchini. What to do with them is a persistent problem for vegetable gardeners who choose to grow summer squash. After making all the usual zucchini and summer squash dishes, I discovered an … Continue reading

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Shrubs, part one

No, this is not a post about shrubs, bushes and trees. Shrubs, deriving from the Arabic word for beverage, are the original soft drinks.  A recent New York Times review calls them sipping vinegar and the rediscovered ingredient in chic cocktails. … Continue reading

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