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Eat and eat early

Vegetable wizard Stephen Allen points out how important it is to harvest at the right moment. Allen points out that most kitchen gardeners wait too long to harvest and eat their vegetables. He offers a useful list of early harvests. We … Continue reading

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Swiss chard

Swiss chard isn’t Swiss. It originates from around the Mediterranean but was classified by a Swiss botanist, which is how Swiss became attached to its name. More recently, chard has been declared one of the healthiest foods, rich in vitamins … Continue reading

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Scapes are the flower stalks of hardnecked garlic. Once the garlic bulb begins to form, the plant puts up a curlicue of a flower stalk. (Remember this is garlic that was planted last October and will be harvested next month.) … Continue reading

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Mulching may be hot work but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your vegetable and herb garden. A good mulching of 3-6 inches: preserves moisture in the soil during the dog days of summer regulates … Continue reading

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Persistent peas

Snap peas and snow peas are coming in. Finally. And they taste good — despite the three freak 90-degree hot spells we’ve had this spring. I planted my peas in mid-March; that’s a good 90 days  plus to harvest — which … Continue reading

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Sick soil

I’m getting calls from people who’ve been growing vegetables in their kitchen gardens for several years but nothing much is growing anymore. Simple answer: they have depleted the soil’s nutrients by growing and not replenishing it. They’re calling me because … Continue reading

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Strawberries are ripe for picking. I love to eat them warm straight from the garden. However, if you wash them, rinse delicately and eat immediately. Strawberries lose their flavor when washed or soaked in water, and stored. My favorite summer … Continue reading

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Baby beet greens and romaine

Although the spinach and cutting lettuce turned bitter tasting in the heat early this week, you can still enjoy a great salad from your garden. The romaine head lettuce still tastes sweet so combine it with young chard greens. While … Continue reading

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Pac choy

Only recently have Asian greens  become popular in Western countries. Green, leafy vegetables belonging to the cabbage or brassica family, they are classed as superfoods, rich in calcium, iron and fiber. Pac choy is also full of folate. You will find different varieties … Continue reading

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Cutting lettuces

You will find a mix of lettuces flourishing in your kitchen gardens and ready for eating. Lettuce is the favorite vegetable worldwide and is eaten in some fashion, cooked or raw, in most cultures. Although roughly 95% water, lettuce is nutritious, especially … Continue reading

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