Baby beet greens and romaine

beetsAlthough the spinach and cutting lettuce turned bitter tasting in the heat early this week, you can still enjoy a great salad from your garden. The romaine head lettuce still tastes sweet so combine it with young chard greens.

While small, the leaves of these beets can be eaten as greens. Since the seedlings must be thinned to allow beets to grow, it’s easy to pick surplus baby beets and toss into salad greens and stir-frys.

Or add some baby beet greens. After all, the beets need thinning to grow into beets so uproot the surplus beets, remove the tiny roots, wash and toss into your salad. Toss with olive oil. You can also add some fresh cilantro and a diced mango to the greens for a refreshing, early summer salad.

You’re inventive. What’s your variation? What’s your recipe?

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