Sesame seeds

sesame2Sesame is beautiful to grow. The plant is tall and striking with fragrant, trumpet shaped flowers. The fertilized flowers develop into furry pouches hugging the tall stalk. In the pods are the sesame seeds. I’ve not grown sesame seeds before and am feeling my way as I go.

Sesame originates in Africa. However, species grow through out the Middle East stretching east to India and Asia.

sesame1Apparently, as the weather cools, the plant and its pods begin to dry out. When brown, the pods are removed from the stalk and put into plastic or paper bags. When fully mature, the pods explode, spewing seeds. “Open sesame.”

The pods on my plants are still green although the plant is dying back. I want to be sure to remove the pods before frost so I’m keeping a close eye on the weather and the sesame.


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