What to grow to fill your plate

I spoke on What to Grow to Fill Your Plate at the Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice program this past January at KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation’s Soil to Plate weekend of speakers and symposia. There were many impressive speakers and growers on the program. My talk was hardly noteworthy: I suggested people grow in their backyards for the pleasure of eating good food together, grow their soil and grow at least one vegetable new to their table.

I attach the presentation should you be thinking about a kitchen garden in your own backyard. Since the bullet points lack the detail of the talk, please let me know if you have questions about any of the gardening practices I discussed.

And I attach tables of superfoods (Be sure to scroll down to all pages.) that we can grow in Chicago excerpted from the superfoods diet. Superfoods in our hardiness zone are hi-lighted in color. Those of you in other hardiness zones can adapt the table to your climate and use it as a growing guide.

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