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Tarragon terrific

This year, the French tarragon — thriving, delicately flavorful and beautiful, is having a terrific year. For reasons I don’t fully comprehend, the thyme did not survive last winter’s bitter cold but the tarragon did. (Thyme and tarragon are perennial herbs which I … Continue reading

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Scarlet runner beans

I’ve grown scarlet runner beans as ornament for years. They attract humming birds — and certainly did again this year, and are very beautiful and colorful when in full bloom in late summer and fall. I just learned, however, that … Continue reading

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Easy herb butters

My herb garden is wild this year. So much spilling out and all over each other. There’s too much to write about herbs so here’s a quick entry about something I discovered this year. Alice Waters recommends herb butters which … Continue reading

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Sweet onions

What would good food be without onions? Historians agree that cultivating onions was prevalent over 5,000 years ago but cannot determine where in the world they originated. There are hundreds of varieties of onions, and onions are usually grown by … Continue reading

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Beets are a treat all season long. In spring, baby beet greens in a salad are tasty and colorful. In late spring, baby beets are small, sweet and delicious, raw or cooked. By midsummer, beets are at their peak, I … Continue reading

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