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The basil is ready for eating, for making pestos. Just perfect.

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Tarragon terrific

This year, the French tarragon — thriving, delicately flavorful and beautiful, is having a terrific year. For reasons I don’t fully comprehend, the thyme did not survive last winter’s bitter cold but the tarragon did. (Thyme and tarragon are perennial herbs which I … Continue reading

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Lettuce-free salads

Now that the spinach, lettuces and microgreens have bolted (flowered) and lost their taste, it’s still easy to make a great salad. I love salads made with herb and young vegetable leaves. Plus there are hot weather greens that make … Continue reading

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There are many flavorful tender greens for salads right now such as herb leaves, beet greens or baby chard. You can carefully pinch off the larger leaves and let the rest of the plant mature for harvest later. Add them to … Continue reading

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Spring salads

These cool, spring days are prolonging the salad greens. Lovely, tender spinach for omelettes and lettuces with herb leaves for salad. One client told me she’s serving her teenage daughters microgreen salad sprinkled with chive and borage flowers! Beautiful, nutritious … Continue reading

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What’s up

Edible gardens too have perennials, plants that have a life span of more than two years. They go dormant each fall and return in the spring. The perennials are always the first up. Here’s some of what’s appearing in my … Continue reading

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Preserving herbs

Here are three more ways to preserve herbs. Freezing herbs is an easy way to preserve them for cooking. Clean herbs can be placed in  zip-lock bags and placed in the freezer. To use, quickly open, divide out what you … Continue reading

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Drying herbs

Frankly, I always pick my herbs and hang and dry them in bunches. Research indicates that this is not the best way to dry some herbs to preserve the most flavor. I wrote earlier about drying small-leaved herbs in bunches; … Continue reading

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Herbs, part one

Small leaved herbs such as thyme, oregano/marjoram, rosemary and some sages can easily be gathered and dried in small bunches. Obviously, herbs can be harvested, used fresh or dried, anytime during the growing season. Since the weather is unseasonably cold, … Continue reading

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End of the year free for all

The ten days of Indian summer last week certainly was the last hurrah of this growing season. Over the weekend, I picked twelve pounds of red tomatoes, not counting cherries, and a dozen Japanese finger eggplant. All these came to … Continue reading

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