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What’s up and coming

Cucumbers are flowering and growing wildly up the trellis. Soon there will be many varieties of cucumbers to relish.           Bush beans (here) and pole beans are flowering. Soon there will be many fillet beans to … Continue reading

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Summer 2013

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A hill of beans

What a great year for beans! Green beans, yellow beans, purple fillets, edaname. Sweet and tasty. This year, I harvested a huge crop of edaname, soybeans. Roasted and salted, they were tasty and nutritious for noshing. The trick to growing … Continue reading

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Scarlet runner beans

I’ve grown scarlet runner beans as ornament for years. They attract humming birds — and certainly did again this year, and are very beautiful and colorful when in full bloom in late summer and fall. I just learned, however, that … Continue reading

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Green beans, part two

There are two good reasons to pick green beans often. First, when you pick the green beans, the plant produces more, extending the growing season into the fall; it’s best to pick every day or two. Second, freshly picked green … Continue reading

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Green beans

Green beans are called green because they are picked while still immature, while the pod is tender and edible and the seeds small and soft. Being immature beans, we eat both pod and beans. If left to mature on the … Continue reading

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