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Spring at last!

Now that the only snow appears in little pockets on northern exposures, it’s safe to say spring has finally arrived on Chicago’s Southside. The crocus are blooming and many little greenish nibs are protruding through dried leaves. And those leaves are … Continue reading

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Winter slumber

The kitchen gardens sleep through the winter under a thick coat of leaf mulch. Leaf mulch is comprised simply of ground autumn leaves. Leaf mulch makes a wonderful protection from temperature extremes during the winter and decomposes into lovely soil … Continue reading

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Fall mulching

With the recent frosty nights, gardens are coming down for the season. And it’s time to mulch the beds for winter. Mulching offers multiple benefits to a garden over the course of winter. First, it helps regulate temperature extremes that … Continue reading

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Mulching may be hot work but it’s one of the most important things you can do for your vegetable and herb garden. A good mulching of 3-6 inches: preserves moisture in the soil during the dog days of summer regulates … Continue reading

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