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Start eating!

The early spring vegetables are ready to eat! Cut and come again.

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Spring salads

These cool, spring days are prolonging the salad greens. Lovely, tender spinach for omelettes and lettuces with herb leaves for salad. One client told me she’s serving her teenage daughters microgreen salad sprinkled with chive and borage flowers! Beautiful, nutritious … Continue reading

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Delicate, delicious spinach

These cool, rainy days have produced splendid spinach for eating raw or cooked. If eaten within a few hours of picking, the flavors are the best. I made a spinach salad with herb leaves.

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Spinach: Popeye and the prince

Beautiful, fresh spinach is ready for harvesting now in your kitchen gardens on Chicago’s South Side. Spinach picked and eaten — raw or cooked — has a delicacy unfound in store-bought varieties. Now is the time to pinch off the first broad, … Continue reading

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Judging when to plant

Spring planting is always a gamble. Of course, we want to plant as early as possible so as to enjoy young lettuces, cabbage, spinach and peas as soon as possible. But the risk involves planting too early so that frost … Continue reading

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After a cool, slow spring, your kitchen gardens are now producing food you can enjoy. All are leafy, tender greens that enjoy the cooler weather of spring. This, the first in a series about what’s up in your kitchen gardens … Continue reading

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