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Lettuce-free salads

Now that the spinach, lettuces and microgreens have bolted (flowered) and lost their taste, it’s still easy to make a great salad. I love salads made with herb and young vegetable leaves. Plus there are hot weather greens that make … Continue reading

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What’s up

Edible gardens too have perennials, plants that have a life span of more than two years. They go dormant each fall and return in the spring. The perennials are always the first up. Here’s some of what’s appearing in my … Continue reading

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Spring sorrel

Sorrel is nearly the first thing up in the a spring garden, and it’s lime green leaves make it a bright welcome. It’s sharp, citrus flavor lends real zest to spring salads or pesto. Although we tend to think of … Continue reading

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Sorrel and chives

Recently I learned something about sorrel and chives, something they have in common. What I noticed this season  is that they tasted bitter: disappointing when they’d been so delicious previous years.  Assuming they were only good for a couple seasons, … Continue reading

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Easy herb butters

My herb garden is wild this year. So much spilling out and all over each other. There’s too much to write about herbs so here’s a quick entry about something I discovered this year. Alice Waters recommends herb butters which … Continue reading

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