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Final harvesting of basil

Harvesting in the rain is bone-chilling. However, today is probably the last chance to bring in the basil. Good chance, after today’s rain and tonight’s low 40 degree temperature, the basil will wilt by tomorrow morning. I’m sure you’ve all … Continue reading

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Potatoes are another discovery of the New World: 16th century Spaniards brought potatoes from South America to wider fame. Potatoes are the staple of the world because they provide more energy and protein per acre than any other crop. They … Continue reading

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Early harvest: tomatoes and basil

When the average temperature in Chicago this date is 74 degrees, we know it’s an early fall today. Last night dipped into the 40s and today the high will be in the low 50s, warming up to high 50s and … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, part two

Two easy recipes for tomatoes: fast, basic tomato sauce slowly roasted tomatoes fast, fresh tomato sauce A friend asked about a fast, fresh tomato sauce recipe. The best is adapted, once again, from Mark Bittman in his The Best Recipes … Continue reading

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Green beans, part two

There are two good reasons to pick green beans often. First, when you pick the green beans, the plant produces more, extending the growing season into the fall; it’s best to pick every day or two. Second, freshly picked green … Continue reading

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Green beans

Green beans are called green because they are picked while still immature, while the pod is tender and edible and the seeds small and soft. Being immature beans, we eat both pod and beans. If left to mature on the … Continue reading

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Garden cucumbers  are nothing like the limp, tasteless, standardized things found in most stores. Cucumbers come in many colors, shapes and sizes and are the fruit of the vine. Each variety has its own sweet, herbal, grassy, crisp, clean flavor. … Continue reading

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Easy herb butters

My herb garden is wild this year. So much spilling out and all over each other. There’s too much to write about herbs so here’s a quick entry about something I discovered this year. Alice Waters recommends herb butters which … Continue reading

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Eat and eat early

Vegetable wizard Stephen Allen points out how important it is to harvest at the right moment. Allen points out that most kitchen gardeners wait too long to harvest and eat their vegetables. He offers a useful list of early harvests. We … Continue reading

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Cutting lettuces

You will find a mix of lettuces flourishing in your kitchen gardens and ready for eating. Lettuce is the favorite vegetable worldwide and is eaten in some fashion, cooked or raw, in most cultures. Although roughly 95% water, lettuce is nutritious, especially … Continue reading

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