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Shrubs, part 2: cold process

I attended the Yum Yum Fest in Madison, Wisconsin, last month and enjoyed several excellent shrub-based cocktails. Refreshing. The chefs I spoke with all used the cold process for making shrubs because it leaves the most fruit flavor in the … Continue reading

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Garlic pickled

This year I’ve a lot of garlic to enjoy. Some of it I will pickle and preserve. Here’s two recipes for pickled garlic which is a real delicacy. sweet pickled garlic from an 18th century Ottoman recipe from Turquoise: a chef’s … Continue reading

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Preserving herbs

Here are three more ways to preserve herbs. Freezing herbs is an easy way to preserve them for cooking. Clean herbs can be placed in  zip-lock bags and placed in the freezer. To use, quickly open, divide out what you … Continue reading

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Drying herbs

Frankly, I always pick my herbs and hang and dry them in bunches. Research indicates that this is not the best way to dry some herbs to preserve the most flavor. I wrote earlier about drying small-leaved herbs in bunches; … Continue reading

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Winter harvest, part two

The final taste of summer was the basil paste I took from the freezer. Once it defrosted, I was eating big spoonfulls of dark green sunshine. It’s the fresh basil I harvested last October and Turkish olive oil made into … Continue reading

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Winter harvest

I’m still eating foods I grew over the summer: garlic, kobacha (Japanese winter squash) and pesto (basil). And it all tastes great and makes me keen to start the new growing season. Here’s a winter recipe for what’s left of … Continue reading

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