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Early spring?

“Cooking is like gardening: it takes experimentation and an adventurous spirit.” — Jennifer Bartley, The Kitchen Garden Handbook More accurately, gardening is like cooking. Many now cook with fresh ingredients but those who garden are the 1% in this country … Continue reading

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Back to the land, reluctantly

One of my favorite blogs is New Dress A Day,  365 dresses for 365 days for $365, where Marissa takes some thrift sale item and remakes it into something fun and/or glamorous for herself. It appeals because it’s creative re-purposing. … Continue reading

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Potatoes are another discovery of the New World: 16th century Spaniards brought potatoes from South America to wider fame. Potatoes are the staple of the world because they provide more energy and protein per acre than any other crop. They … Continue reading

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Mark Twain said that the only way to eat sweet corn is to take your caldron and boiling water right out into the field, and cook it and eat it right where you grow it. Corn has the highest ratio … Continue reading

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Garden cucumbers  are nothing like the limp, tasteless, standardized things found in most stores. Cucumbers come in many colors, shapes and sizes and are the fruit of the vine. Each variety has its own sweet, herbal, grassy, crisp, clean flavor. … Continue reading

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Why eat hyperlocal, hyperfresh

“When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is. . . . Food tastes naturally delicious when it has been grown with care, … Continue reading

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