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Tomatoes, part two

Two easy recipes for tomatoes: fast, basic tomato sauce slowly roasted tomatoes fast, fresh tomato sauce A friend asked about a fast, fresh tomato sauce recipe. The best is adapted, once again, from Mark Bittman in his The Best Recipes … Continue reading

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Kohlrabi is an odd newcomer to our markets and edible gardens. Kohlrabi is German for cabbage (kohl)  turnip (rabi). Whereas brussel sprouts, also of the cabbage (brassica) family, is swollen leafage above ground, kohlrabi is a swollen stem above ground: … Continue reading

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Kale, part two

Kale chips: a new favorite, thanks to kitchen gardener Julie. Select large, full, unblemished kale leaves. Wash and dry well. Coat lightly in olive oil and mole-hot sauce. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees. Turn often … Continue reading

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Growing kale changed me. Growing kale marked when I became a serious gardener, learning new crops and eating pleasures from my friends at the 61st Street Community Garden, of blessed memory. Now I can’t imagine life without it — both … Continue reading

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Sweet onions

What would good food be without onions? Historians agree that cultivating onions was prevalent over 5,000 years ago but cannot determine where in the world they originated. There are hundreds of varieties of onions, and onions are usually grown by … Continue reading

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“Cabbage pairs admirably with anchovies, apples, bacon, butter, caraway seeds, cheese, chestnuts, chicken, cider vinegar, corned beef, cream, duck, mayonnaise, nutmeg, pancetta, pasta, potatoes, pulses*, pork, rice, salmon, smoked meat, sour cream, veal and walnuts.” — Leanne Kitchen, The Produce … Continue reading

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Last two weeks, I harvested garlic and now it cures. This is garlic planted last October. I’d planted eight varieties so there’s porcelain white, pink and purple garlic hanging in bundles from every knob in my home. It smells great. … Continue reading

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Swiss chard

Swiss chard isn’t Swiss. It originates from around the Mediterranean but was classified by a Swiss botanist, which is how Swiss became attached to its name. More recently, chard has been declared one of the healthiest foods, rich in vitamins … Continue reading

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Pac choy

Only recently have Asian greens  become popular in Western countries. Green, leafy vegetables belonging to the cabbage or brassica family, they are classed as superfoods, rich in calcium, iron and fiber. Pac choy is also full of folate. You will find different varieties … Continue reading

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Cutting lettuces

You will find a mix of lettuces flourishing in your kitchen gardens and ready for eating. Lettuce is the favorite vegetable worldwide and is eaten in some fashion, cooked or raw, in most cultures. Although roughly 95% water, lettuce is nutritious, especially … Continue reading

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